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Smelly Grocery Stores in Another Dimension

Date: 16-Jan-2007/1:43+3:00

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Characters: owner, me, cashier, someone, shopper, woman

An extended dream turned into a circumstance where a rabbit had bit my finger, hanging on to it. In order to get it off I had to beat my hand against the ground, which killed the rabbit. The owner of the rabbit was upset with me.
owner: "Why didn't you rewind time and resurrect it?!"
me: "Well, the further away you are from an incident mentally, the harder it gets to roll back the event. Your consciousness has drifted too far. But I can try."
I shut my eyes and had her pinch my hand to try and simulate the rabbit bite, with the goal of "taking myself back to the moment" and choosing a different path. But the rabbit didn't materialize on my finger.
me: "I'm sorry. It's just too late. I can't bring it back now."
This interaction actually triggered me into lucidity--and I wound up at a crowded store speaking to the people there. I talked to the cashier behind the counter, who was an old and somewhat decayed man...who was nonetheless freely engaging me in conversation.
me: "I'm relieved that this store isn't some kind of horror-show and was kind of basically nice, because so many places I was seeing had become hellish."
cashier: "Oh no, then the demons have won!"
me: "They haven't won yet. Efforts are proceeding, and I am in communication with some very advanced beings that were doing the best they could."
I had to use the restroom, so I went into one.
me: "Well, this bathroom isn't bad either. That's a good sign because often when I do such dream-visitations, the bathrooms are really disgusting."
someone: "This store isn't that nice. In fact, the whole place smells like farts."
After we were finished in the bathroom, they took me to a store they thought was nicer, which was actually labeled outside as "Trader Joe's".
Note Trader Joe's is a real grocery chain, though this place looked more like a Hickory Farms
The store was not very crowded. I was trying to understand the price scheme of the items, and so I picked up a piece of cheese that was wrapped in plastic and had a price label on it that I could not read.
me: "Could you buy this to put on a sandwich, and not think much of the expense? I mean, is it affordable to the average person?"
shopper: "Yes, it is easy to afford that."
Trying to read the label, I noticed that the numbers kept changing out from under me. I commented on their volatility, and started reciting what I read as they changed. A woman in line behind me said something.
woman: "It's nice that you rant while you're dreaming. We're going to report you for everything you say here."
Instinctively I grabbed her and felt the urge to strangle her. But I backed off.
me: "Sorry about that, but you made me angry. What is the reason for you treating me like a criminal?"
woman: "We have to stop immigration, or there would be too many."
me: "Is that any justification for creating confusion!? Why can't you educate people about your immigration policies, while still enforcing them?"
Note If this idea that studying me to stop immigration mechanisms is true, then it paints a more negative picture of the reasons behind why I might not face attacks in circumstances like this.
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