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Traffic Signals and Computational Slavery

Date: 13-Jan-2007/23:59+3:00

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Characters: forklift guy, me, him

I was walking into a tremendous number of traffic signals, raising/lowering gates (like at the exit of a parking garage), and painted markings on the asphalt. There were also some cement curbs. Aware I was dreaming, I began theorizing on what all this was designed for.
Note I perceived at the time was that this labyrinth of signals was a kind of computer or mechanism, and that the cars being led along were kind of like electrons in a circuit being guided about.
A guy on a small forklift-type device started coming at me. I jumped onto a cement curb in order to avoid him.
forklift guy: "Thanks for moving. I'm required to attack and fight anyone who is on the asphalt, and most people don't have the good sense to get off. Then I have to kill them."
Another man who came up to me and walked along the sidewalk, and I started a conversation with him about what I was seeing.
me: "This road structure seems like a virtual manifestation of a computer, only using people and cars. It's like you've been brainwashed into behaviors that are being harnessed as a kind of computational slavery."
We walked into a large house and sat on a couch. He watched as I performed experiments of looking at a pile of objects, looking away, and then look at the objects again.
me: "Why is it that the environment is so unstable? Things seem to go missing despite an outside influence acting on them."
him: "You know, [name] has been trying hard to contact you. But there's just a fundamental problem, because it functions WAY too fast...and just can't get things slowed down enough to give you messages in a form you will understand."
When I mentioned the name of the being I thought it might be, the guy I was talking to started bubbling and collapsing into a ton of strange imagery, some of it scary. Grabbing the guy as he was boiling away, I hugged him.
me: "I don't know where all these images are coming from. These are things I haven't seen before and they're terrible. Someone does this on purpose. Someone is hindering communication and sending nightmare objects at people."
him: "It means a lot that you are holding on."
I awoke shortly after that.
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