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The Key To My Mind

Date: 2-Jan-2007/21:17+3:00

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Characters: me, her, them, someone, woman

I was in a restaurant speaking with someone I had known from over a decade ago. She was talking to me and then took my hand and started tracing around it as one might do in palmistry. This caused a hypnosis where I could hear a voice giving me instructions about who I was going to meet and what I was going to do.
Note It seemed rather coercive, and I got the feeling that these instructions were things that were supposed to be subliminal but that I was managing to pick up.
me: (sarcastically) "I see, you must be trying to take advantage of my weak mind."
her: "I don't think your mind is weak, in fact we just took a picture of it."
The people at the table all followed to a wall full of items and pictures which seemed rather hieroglyphic. Some of them were small wooden monkeys that were designed like a puzzle to interlock.
The closest thing to the monkeys I was seeing I can find is this picture:
...which I found at this online store.
me: "I've seen these puzzles before, they're very common. I don't see what they have to do with my mind."
At this point I noticed that the puzzles were not assembled normally, they were plugged together in odd arrangements. She picked one up and showed it to me.
her: "This is the key to your mind."
me: "In what way, beyond like a Rorschach ink blot, is that the key to my mind?"
She held it to my forehead and did some kind of odd manipulation with it. There was some kind of click and then stuck to my head. Suddenly there was a lot of pain and pressure on me, including a terrible pressure/pain in one of my testicles. This made me fall backward.
I expected further attacks, but everyone held back and stared at me. I signaled to them.
me: "Just hold on while I get my bearings and figure out what to do about the pain."
Somehow I managed to bring the pain under control. As it subsided, I addressed the group that was looking at me.
me: "I have two questions. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for showing me things, and for your patience...since most of the time I just get attacked."
them: "That isn't a question."
me: "Fair enough. But this is--the things I'm seeing are strange, so far out as to be incomprehensible to those in the world I am from. There are no pixels of reality or anything that makes clear sense. So why isn't this stuff explored more and mapped out as common knowledge for everyone?"
someone: "Because people don't WANT to know about this."
At that point we left the room and begin going down some stairs. The woman who'd put the 'key' in my mind was laughing about a cell phone text message she'd gotten.
woman: (laughing) "He meant to type 'CAN I SAY HELLO' but typed 'CAN I SAY HELL'. Then he typed 'BECAUSE I'VE GOT HELL HERE'."
I woke up shortly after that as we went down the stairs.
Note Many of those pressures that suddenly appeared when the "key to my mind" turned out to correspond to pressures on my body from the bed. Though the mainstream interpretation would be that the dream experiences were conjured by these pressures, I'm curious why the moment of the "keying" caused such a connection with the forces on my physical body.
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