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The Long View Undercover

Date: 18-Dec-2006/19:19+3:00

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Characters: me, her, mr eideman

I was accessing my laptop to Google for things I saw in another dream account, but triggered into realizing it was a dream when I saw my Mac Powerbook was a smaller size than usual. There was a girl watching me as I logged in, and we were located on some kind of rolling bed. When I did, there was an video about some new software that had just been installed called "Long View".
Long View
seemed to be some kind of software that interacted with your calendar. Some very impressive animations were running to introduce me to the feature, but I was a bit distracted as I asked the girl some questions about who we were, and what we were doing in this laboratory-type environment.
me: "The people who see things like this...in dreams...who are they?"
her: "Some of them are with the government, and have their memory erased to go undercover."
me: "Am I with the government?"
Seemingly cuing off of that, a man walking by with a needle almost injected me. The girl performed some kind of manipulation that re-routed him to inject someone else.
her: "That was close. You have to be careful when you talk."
I asked a few more questions before another guy with a needle injected me. Something made me decide it was important to read his ID badge. At first I read it as Mr Hyde, then Mr...Eide...finally Eideman.
mr eideman: (gesturing at us) "Get these cleared out of here."
The needle was painful and causing problems and I couldn't pull it out even though he had backed away. Circumstances changed to where I was in a different medical lab and plugging my passwords into some kind of system.
Note I got the feeling that my brain was being exploited to try and get these passwords.
Rather than type in my actual passwords, I just started typing long textual messages at the password prompt.
me: "Did you think you were going to get away with this? Who did you Bozos think you were dealing with??!"
Some panic ensued. I heard a lot of disturbance with people saying something about a virus in the system. For some reason, I could walk freely around the room I was in, which was filled with medical equipment. I could see the people who were panicking, but they couldn't see me.
Angrily, I tried to disrupt them or knock them over. But when I did, I realized they were not people at all but mechanical devices rolling around on wheels, connected by fluid-bearing tubes. I managed to find some medical scissors on a nearby table and started cutting tubes at random.
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