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Something Better than Cell Phones

Date: 18-Dec-2006/11:59+3:00

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Characters: me, him, scientist

I was on a bed with some men and women and talking. At one point something one of the guys had said alerted me that it was a dream.
me: "Can you show me anything cool? I can show you something interesting..."
I somehow conjured a TabletPC out of thin air and started demonstrating it for him.
him: "Oh that's from back when they used cell phones, before they found out something better."
me: "Really? What's better than cell phones, can you explain it?"
The next thing I knew I was looking at some kind of animated chemical diagram. The first thing that stood out to me was a chain of "W+" and "W-" objects.
Note Though I first assumed this had to do with Tungsten atoms, an article on Slashdot today was published about The Science Behind Buckaroo Banzai. While reading it I was very surprised to see it mention that the notation for "intermediate vector bosons" are W+, W-, and Zo. I didn't search on that, I just happened across it the day following this dream!
I tried to look closer and ask questions. A scientist in a labcoat came in the room, he seemed nice.
scientist: "I can explain more of this if you want."
me: "That would be helpful!"
He took me to a room filled with scientific instruments, where two angry women came in and attacked me. This woke me up.
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