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Biting Pegs in Cydonia

Date: 5-Oct-2007/12:17+3:00

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Characters: me, them, one man, someone

I was in a house with people, and began asking them questions:
me: "Have you heard about Earth?"
them: "We saw something on 360 about it."
Note I somehow understood 360 as being an investigative reporting program, a la CBS's 60 Minutes. Interesting, both 360 and 60 indicate full rotations around a circle, but one is degrees and the other is minutes.
me: "What details do you know? Where are we now?"
one man: "Don't tell the special person too much about what is going on."
Note I felt the sense in which they were using the word "special" seemed to be "handicapped", because of the negative tone, but I may be misinterpreting.
me: "Don't worry about giving me information, I can handle it. I've seen The Matrix, I'm ready for pretty much anything."
someone: (angry) "Come on, you're from Cydonia(?)! You've got enough privileges as it is!"
Note There are a few things to which the term Cydonia applies. This includes the Greek Goddess of heroic endeavor, an asteroid orbiting the sun, and the infamous 'face' on Mars. None of these were known to me prior to the dream.
The exchange continued to be frustrating, so I went into another room where the people were nicer. They expressed dismay at the other people and tried to explain some things they had been saying.
them: "When you thought they said 'bite peg' they were actually using an idiom, that one about 'biting one's leg'."
Note Perhaps this was supposed to be 'pulling one's leg'...meaning to joke?
them: "Don't go back to that room. Sleep in here with us."
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