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New Roommate

Date: 2-Oct-2007/12:39+3:00

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Characters: me, him

Talking to a friend in a dream.
me: "Come on tell me something here in the dream that people don't know, a secret--some kind of proof!"
him: "We can only communicate in established points of view."
me: "Oh please, think! Just something you haven't told me and I'm unlikely to know. I'm not interested in convincing the world, it only has to convince you."
him: "I can't think of anything."
I kept begging and trying not to wake myself up. But at some point he had faded out and turned into an good-looking and heavily tattooed girl.
me: "I'm sorry, you're very attractive. But I was working on something. Can I speak to my friend again?"
He re-appeared in another part of the room.
me: "It doesn't have to be profound. Just say some stuff that comes to mind."
him: "Crown Royal."
me: "The drink? A story about a drink?"
him: "No, you know, the name of your... the name of your thermos, um, no... the, something you go by. Handle. Room alias!"
me: "Oh. You're trying to tell me one of yours? Yours was?"
him: "New Roommate!"
Note Crown Royal or a new roommate was not relevant to the friend in question when I asked.
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