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The Ionic Multiplier

Date: 1-Oct-2007/14:16+3:00

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Characters: me, him

I was watching someone use a piece of software that reconstructed timelines... it looked like video editing. It was showing thousands of clips that were being manipulated all at once in some kind of semi-automated way.
me: "What is this program called?"
I was shown a very dull-looking brown box that looked like the kinds of packages productivity software came in during the 80s. The title of the program was "Ionic Multiplier".
Note That isn't a popular phrase on the internet, but has two mentions in the context of chemistry and physics.
Later a man was showing me some technical specs and had Clear Gigabit Ram.
me: "What does clear mean in this context?"
him: (shocked?) "How could you not know?"
me: "I'm sorry, I don't. Is it optically transparent, like can you see through it?"
him: "No. It specifically relates to the way memory access is performed."
Beyond that, I couldn't get it explained in a way that I could understand.
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