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Rick-rolled in the Astral Plane

Date: 23-Apr-2008/10:55+3:00

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Characters: me, voice, them, girl

I was laying in bed in a hypnagogic state and had the experience of a woman talking, she was climbing on top of me and kissing me. There was no visual at all, I was just in darkness.
me: "Where is this?"
voice: "The only real answer to that, is 'here'."
me: "Here where?"
voice: "You'll know more about that soon, just hold tight."
Visuals came in and I was being followed by a car that seemed to be chasing me. I perceived the people were trying to test me to find out if I had a sense of humor. One aspect of that is that they were playing Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up".
me: "Oh you might think that's punishment, but Rick Astley is awesome."
them: "Hey we think so too. Nothing against Rick."
The car disappeared but suddenly I had a couple of drumstick objects in my hand, and I couldn't move forward or backward.
them: (voice) "Play something."
me: "Okay, here's what I'll play...a guessing game. Here goes. What is large, has purple lights, plays 'Never Gonna Give you Up' and has the power to turn invisible while giving you music tests?"
them: "We give up."
me: "You and your car that were just trying to run me over."
I then tapped a slight improvisational rhythm on the sticks. I was somehow freed and then let into a house where I started walking around. A girl laughed at me.
girl: "You've never been in a real girl's room before, ha. That will be interesting for you."
Note This was perhaps portending the overall Matrix theme of dreams that followed. Morpheus tells Neo after he is pulled out of the Matrix that the reason it hurts him to use his eyes is because he's never actually used them before. As interesting as my potential visit to this "real girl's room" might be, I don't remember what happened after this point.
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