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Date: 17-Apr-2008/10:01+3:00

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Characters: bin laden, woman, me

I was in a room and having a tough time with a large piece of glass. I kept dropping it and eventually found out it wouldn't break. Someone else was in the room with me and we examined it's odd properties...he was able to reform it into strips and coils somehow.
Next I was reading a webpage, knowing I was dreaming. It had a name something like "Physillusional" and the tagline was something along the lines of "Dedicated to the memory of those living with constant suffering." Someone who had the name "Bin Laden" had made a post about a piece of software.
bin laden: "This is an illustration program that truly lets you capture more of what you mean when you made the drawing. But it requires a lot of technical know-how. If you don't find the mechanics of arrays and other data structures in computer programming fascinating, you probably won't care much for using this program."
I tried to learn more about the site and why I was reading it. Rather than an "About..." page it had a section called "Know Us". Couldn't read much before the scene broke up and I was asking questions of a woman.
woman: "Yes, we're completely aware of your world here. We can see into it."
me: "But...what does the afterlife hold? What happens to people from my world when they die?"
woman: "You can't be serious. There's plenty of evidence already of what's going to happen. If your people aren't seeing it then I don't know what to think--it cannot be made much more clear."
I later spent a pretty long time trying to read the label on a bottle that people had been very excited about. As I painstakingly went through it word for word, it ended up seeming like a fairly mundane bottle of low-alcohol content liquor. The ingredients listed strawberry juice and other such additives.
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