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AppleTV's PhotoTransgenesis

Date: 17-Apr-2008/10:00+3:00

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Characters: me, him, them

I was visiting a girl who was wrapping her hair in yarn, and talking about how much more string she had than anyone she knew. Then a man came in who I perceived to be her boyfriend, and she was trying to defend me from him.
me: "I don't think we need to fight. We can work through this. Why don't we all go out for a drink?"
him: "All right, where do you suggest we go?"
me: "Any decision would be fine. We have to make it fast, though. Being in a lucid dream is very tenuous, and I don't know how long we have to talk before I wake up."
him: "What happens when you wake up?"
me: "That's just it! Every time I ask this question, no one gives me a straight answer about what happens to the dream-body that had been there."
When I told him my real life name he said my initials and then immediately attacked me with the dreaded "tickle attack" at midsection. I thought I'd woken up for a minute, but then perceived I hadn't. Somehow I shrunk myself to a small size and could hide under a couch, and I somehow opened a channel of communication.
me: "Please, can't you get me some information on what's going on?"
them: "Very well. We'll go check records and see why this is happening."
I came out from under the couch and waited for their return, but a large man showed up who backed me into a corner. He seemed hostile, but the people who had gone to research questions for me came back, pulled him away, and shot him.
me: "Thank you. Uh, I think. What did you learn?"
them: "Okay, AppleTV's PhotoTransgenesis. That would be your #1 enemy, especially the female software engineer who revitalized it. How much of your memory can you access?"
me: "Ummm... up through 2008? I mean, I dunno what memory you mean."
them: "You don't know how you're materializing in these places. And that's just it. When you do, you can show up as anything. If you want to be poor, you are. If you want to be rich, you are. Your life is seen a video game onto which people get hooked, and you are unwelcome in these worlds."
Note I was focusing mostly on trying to remember PhotoTransgenesis. I still might have gotten it wrong, it was an awkward word.
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