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The Truth, The Shadow, and The Solution

Date: 23-Apr-2008/16:25+3:00

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Characters: me, her, man, him

I ran into some people at a busy bus terminal, who told me to come with them. They were wearing what looked like translucent yellow plastic bags. There was a woman who was moving very slowly...to keep her from falling behind I picked her up and carried her.
me: "I'm not sure--incidentally--how long I'll be able to be here before waking up. I'll try to put you down before that happens, but as I know very little about what's going on, I can't guarantee it won't end up resulting in you going falling down these stairs."
her: "That's okay."
But I did make it to the outside streets where cars were swarming everywhere. We were apparently supposed to catch a particular taxi, but by the time we got there it had already left. I started chasing it.
man: "Don't bother chasing it, it is automatic and has no driver."
me: "I'm totally disoriented and unable to maintain a fix in this reality for very long. Do the yellow bags you are wearing have anything to do with protecting you from something--germs, virus--something that leads me to be in this state?"
I don't think anyone answered that.
me: "Moreover, if there's some sort of mission going on here to contact me, why am I being ignored so often? Who'd bother to pull me out of my reality to here and then NOT invest proper effort to tell me what was going on?!"
man: "It's very complex. There are many efforts simultaneously pulling you in different directions, and you pull on yourself too. You are not easy to find, especially because you do not have a land line. That makes it harder but not impossible. We worked around it by tagging another line with a red code and find you with that."
Note It's true that I do not own a phone land line, or a cell phone for that matter. This is interesting because in The Matrix, copper lines to certain phones offer a special connection allowing one in and out of the system in a way that can't be done with cell phones. This is the first time I've ever heard it mentioned in my own experiences.
Soon I was in an Ikea-like area with lots of walls and paths and furniture...and people milling about. I got into a conversation with someone who looked like my roommate and was carrying a board game that I for some reason perceived he owned in real life.
Note I've never actually seen this board game before, but for some reason really thought I had at the time.
me: "How did you transfer that object from the waking world into the dream world? Is it a copy?"
him: "You can transfer objects using a certain formation of glass-like plates. It's kind of like induction. If you put the objects between the plates and apply certain currents it allows properties of those objects to be scanned in other realities with resonances. You don't send the object itself, but you allow others to probe it."
He showed me a set of these glass plates. Then changed the subject.
him: "Look, it's probably not in your best interest to be trying so hard to get here. Being able to see both sides now, I like our apartment and things the way it is better."
me: "I'm aware that the reality may be worse than the illusion. But I'm bothered by working in an illusory world without knowing the greater cause. At this point I just need-to-know, it's like the Matrix red pill. Plus I want to get rid of the limits of decaying/painful physical reality...it doesn't make me happy to face the fact that I and everyone I know are going through that."
him: "Then you aren't looking for the truth, you are looking for The Solution. There is only one who has solved it. He will give you what you need when you prove to him that you are truly ready, which is nearly as hard as arriving at The Solution itself. Not many have achieved it."
me: "Uh, all right. What is his name?"
him: "Here he is called the Shadow. And in 15 years time he managed to do something that no one had ever done. With incredible sacrifice. An entity who was born without sin, without fear, it is amazing."
The person, now looking less like my roommate, started crying at that point. I moved on, and talked to some people with some not-too-memorable conversations. One of them was wearing a big fur suit to make themselves look like a Polar Bear.
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