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Talking Heads (with Boring Ideas About Mentalism)

Date: 12-May-2008/19:38+3:00

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Characters: head, me, them, man

I had a long series of dreams in which I talked to a number of seeming disembodied heads. I was speaking to them about metaphysical questions, and one of them answered:
head: "You need to just figure out how to be happy in trance meditation. It's come to the point where I am actually happiest when I'm in an empty room and just experiencing enlightenment. If you master that you can take it anywhere and you won't have to worry about anything."
Note I find this kind of attitude very boring and am not drawn to the people who talk like this.
Later I was facing a discussion with an older woman disembodied head, who was some kind of Queen or leader. There were a few people walking around who were not just heads.
As I asked her questions of who she thought I was or how it was that I had arrived there, she acted like she was going to show me something shocking. She gestured at a wall of small statues as if that was relevant, but that if I looked closer I would be frightened.
me: "I've seen The Matrix, so, really...uh, y'know, if you show me a bunch of pods with people in it covered in goo and tubes and tell me that's my real body and I'm just a simulation...I'll be hardly shocked. Oh, wait... have you seen The Matrix?"
them: "Yes, we have."
Someone in the back piped up:
man: "The problem here is that he's just running on the wrong hardware. But I don't know what to put him on. The lawnmower?"
me: "Well, look, I accept the notion that I'm running on something. But you're running on something. What's that?"
man: "I don't want to know that yet."
me: "I'm ready for whatever creepy truth you guys have."
Rather than tell me anything I understood, they showed me clips of some movie about people who were stuck on a rollercoaster. It was a very vicious coaster that was like some kind of grotesque Funhouse theme, and the people (like Nick Cage or maybe Harrison Ford?) couldn't get off of it.
me: "Yes, I already know about this movie."
Note Upon waking I don't recall the resembling anything I know about, except one dream I had about a hellish rollercoaster.
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