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Hell's Eternal Underwater Roller Coaster

Date: 29-Jul-2007/15:59+3:00

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Characters: me, her

I was in some kind of roller coaster gone mad. It went underwater for long periods of time. At first I held my breath and was panicked, then I eased up and figured that given that I was dreaming...I may be able to easily breathe.
It seemed the rollercoaster was going to just keep going, seemingly forever. I spoke to a girl in the seat next to me about the nature of those who would design such torture devices, and try and put conscious beings on them and try to make them suffer for eternity.
me: "It's not necessarily the fault of God that such things exist. Couldn't it be the failing of someone God trusted? Divine intervention may happen when it can...it just could have to do with getting the right information to the right place."
her: "I think there's been a breakthrough. A light just went on."
me: "Ha. Well, I'd been thinking there was going to be a breakthrough for years now."
I launched into a long, personal account of some of my own experiences, and that I was pessimistic about it.
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