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RERR: Route Error

Date: 2-Aug-2007/13:23+3:00

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I was holding some kind of card in my hand and flipping it over, each time I would flip it over it would say something different. Some of them were "shock site" lies about celebrities, things that had been clearly fabricated in order to elicit a reaction or to cause filtering.
One of the targeted celebrities was the musician Jewel. The article said that she had an incestuous relationship with her son. She was also selling out to an advertising campaign for a national corporation, like McDonalds. In addition to badly Photoshopped images, the campaign did not hold up under scrutiny.
In "real life", Jewel was associated with something of a sell-out marketing effort:
...which I don't judge for, but I'll just say that in my opinion it is "highly suspect".
This was followed by me reading some technical articles, that had been published to explain computer problems to laypeople. They were technical bulletins, and in one of them it was explaining that "RERR" resulted from a "Natural Recursion Error".
RERR isn't anything I'd heard of before, but it is real, and it does stand for route error. According to the web:
In addition to these routing messages, Route Error (RERR) message are used to notify the other nodes that certain nodes are not anymore reachable due to a link breakage (figure 3.4). When a node rebroadcasts a RERR, it only adds the unreachable destinations to which the node might forward messages. Therefore, the mutable information in a RERR are the list of un-reachable destinations and the counter of unreachable destinations included in the message. Anyway, it is predictable that, at each hop, the unreachable destination list may not change or become a subset of the original one.
...so I'll count that as a dream verification.
Later I was reading an invitation to an event, hosted by someone with user name "hwsalton", in which it was expressed that I really should be there.
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