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Sour Grapes of the Future

Date: 13-May-2008/14:29+3:00

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Characters: asian man

I was in a room which looked very medical--clean white walls and white light--dashes of color--some monitoring equipment. Though everything was fuzzy, and I had some paranoia. But I just started talking it out. I explained to the people in the room that the reason I wasn't afraid of these kinds of situations in dreams (whatever they were) was that I'd already mentally processed some of the worst case scenarios and the coping was done.
Becoming curious about what was written on the wall, I walked over to it and saw it was labeled Room 303: Scientists. There was a computer display which showed several words and numbers. I began rattling them off, and a voice said "he's reading things from one display and putting them onto another". I also repeated that statement aloud.
Some email addresses I'd used were up on the screen. An asian man who looked a bit like Mr. Sulu from Star Trek was looking through some files on another computer, seemingly old posts on the internet.
asian man: (mumbling) "Okay, that explains that comment. I wasn't clear on what that meant before."
He handed me something in a bowl, and began to speak:
asian man: "There is something you need to understand about showing people Future Things. You have to be careful. It's a lot like if you are dealing with someone who has never had a grape before. When you give them their first grape you must be 100% sure it's not a sour one...because if it is sour, then every time they're asked if they want a grape after that they will say no."
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