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Illegal to have an alternate history of the Lightbulb

Date: 21-May-2008/16:26+3:00

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Characters: hat man

I was sort of floundering out in shapeless dreamspace when I called out for help. Somehow I started descending rapidly feet-first toward the crisp scene of a Mexican restaurant, and was pulled down into a booth. The restaurant was empty except for a shadowy man in a hat who came in and sat down. He had a solid plastic white face and wore glasses.
hat man: "It's funny, because in this case we're having a hard time nailing them on what they're doing that's against the rules. Our biggest legal leverage is that they built up the electrical system's history on a system where lights slotted into the socket."
At the time I thought we were talking about this universe. But I suppose our lights don't slot into the socket, they screw in.
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