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Kacheer Kacheen and the Five Mentalisms

Date: 15-Mar-2008/19:39+3:00

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Characters: me, them

I was listening to a lecture from someone named "Kacheer Kacheen". It was a historical study of his interests in "mental telephony", and he had broken down things into a system of five "mentalisms".
While walking around an environment, I stopped in a very crowded coffee shop and began talking to people. I pointed to the sky.
me: "Do you know about Earth? A planet?"
them: "We are blocked from travel by Centaus Netrinous. The blocks are necessary because the blue meanies cannot be allowed to reach other planets."
At some point strange goo started coming out of my mouth.
me: "What's going wrong with my mouth?"
them: "You have a jaw distitution."
Note Distitution is not an English word, as far as I can tell... just a typo for destitution or distribution.
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