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Kevin Koostner

Date: 15-Mar-2008/19:55+3:00

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Characters: me, woman

I was fumbling through some menus, and trying to decide what to eat. It was very complicated and people were making fun of me for not being able to put together the different flyers that were involved in getting your food. When I looked out the window of the room, I saw scenery going by, as if a plane were taking off.
me: "I don't remember getting on a plane. How did I get here? This is a dream. Is there any way I can contact you from my waking world?"
woman: "Try sending the keyword 'Kevin Koostner'."
me: "If you were trying to pronounce Kevin Costner, you said it wrong."
woman: "Fine, however you want."
me: "Where should I send it?"
woman: "Post it to Usenet. Post in biz.local"
Note I woke up thinking that biz.local would be a real Usenet group. But it isn't. So I've nowhere to post my missed connection ad for Kevin Koostner but here.
me: "Okay. Now just checking, what was our keyword again?"
She said nothing.
me: "Look, I remember it. But if YOU don't remember it, how do you expect to find the message?"
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