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Bill Bixby and The Soul Collector

Date: 15-Mar-2008/20:03+3:00

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Characters: someone, me, producer, steve martin, interviewer, fairy

I was somehow climbing a ladder for the purposes of a play that involved Peanuts characters.
someone: "This play you've written is so excellent!"
me: "Oh, I didn't write it. Bill Bixby did."
Note I had no idea who Bill Bixby was prior to looking it up after this dream.
Coming down from the ladder, there was an interviewer, some producer, and Steve Martin.
producer: "We're going to make a lot of money tonight on ticket sales!"
steve martin: "Well, you deserve success, it's great work."
interviewer: "Would it be okay if I quoted you on that?"
steve martin: "That would be fine."
interviewer: (to me) "Can you tell me about your involvement with the production?"
At this point I became lucid, and started asking questions about the environment. Yet as I walked around the stage all the people were disappearing. There was only me and a fairy-like woman left.
me: "Where did everyone go?"
fairy: "I turned them all into souls and collected them, I found ten so far."
me: "Why didn't you turn me into a soul?"
fairy: "Because they were all dried out. You aren't."
me: "Who are you?"
fairy: "I've come from the Ivory Coast."
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