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Graphite Drinks from the Loaders

Date: 15-Mar-2008/19:18+3:00

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Characters: me, voice1, voice2, wall, coach

I had a false awakening in the lobby of a building that seemed like a college dorm. A number of odd things happened, and all I could think about was that it was uncomfortable to be found sleeping undressed in a public area. I found some clothing, and a young man and I left the building to go into the green grass of the campus.
me: "Ok, I'm pretty sure we're in a non-physical state. Which is to say that we are merely projected here, because I do not remember driving or walking here from any previous place."
He swiped his arm through my neck as if it would cut of my head, but it just passed through. I then began to notice objects floating through the air all around us. Some were geometric and others looked like variations of paper airplanes. They had a kind of familiarity...like I knew what these things were...they all had ads on them for websites.
Passing by a guy sitting cross-legged, I watched him blow a spherical bubble out of his mouth. It hovered around in the air. I tried making the same motion and a similar sphere appeared. I tried again and managed to make a sphere of a different color by "thinking it green".
I grabbed one of the floating boxes, and we flew along for a very brief distance before it shrunk down and plugged itself into a wall that seemed to be made up of a lot of loose jiggly flaps. Objects were coming and going from this wall. I pulled the flaps aside and saw that there was a grid of power plugs... as if it were some kind of recharging station that they were coming for.
The graphics jumped off the wall. Subgraphics took on their own life as well--as if a picture of a man holding a postcard would have the postcard jump off of it, and then a bird on the postcard would fly off of that into 3D space. Then the postcard would jump back into the man's hand, and the bird would return to its location.
me: "What IS all this?"
voice1: "Those are web-apps."
voice2: "No they are plugins!"
At this point the whole wall of flaps and objects rattled as if it were speaking itself.
wall: "They're LOADERS!!"
me: "Well you can't listen to the wall all day. Sometimes you have to make up your mind. There's writing on these objects and I'll read that."
I pulled out one flap on the wall which became an object in my hand. It was a rectangular carton for a sport drink of some kind, with a foil part you tore off to make a spout.
These cartons are called TetraPaks:
...and they are used for several different kinds of beverages.
There were some quotes on the package, said something about training, and all the various flavors of graphite-based drink you could get. You could get a third one free if you bought two in a special Craigslist offer. A coach grabbed my shoulder and startled me.
coach: "What are you doing? It's time to qualify for the race!"
He seemed mad, so I decided to play along rather than challenge him as to why I should be running a race. As I walked to the track I gulped down the drink in my hand, and was dallying a bit worrying about whether I should recycle it or if it would fly back to its place on the wall. The race had started so I just stuck it in my pocket.
When I ran, I managed to somehow "think myself ahead" on the track, and win despite starting late. I lost focus around here and woke up.
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