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Turning My Sound Off on Clarabell Island

Date: 15-Mar-2008/19:02+3:00

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Characters: me, her, guy

I was dancing in front of what appeared to be a mirror or video monitor. There was a rather surreal amount of lag, and sometimes the body would dance even if I was holding still. The pecularity of this led me to lucidity, and I went to try and find somewhere to go or someone to talk to.
A door I opened led me to be face to face with a girl who seemed to be coming out of a kitchen area. But when she saw me, she turned around and went in. I followed her.
me: "Where is this place? Where are we right now?"
her: "Clarabell."
me: "That's not an ordinary name for a place. That's like, a name for a person."
her: "Well it's just a small island."
me: "I don't remember how I got here, I just remember going to sleep. How did you get here?"
her: "It's been a long time, hmmm... .. ... .."
me: "Okay nevermind, from your point of view, how did I get here?"
her: "Does it matter? At least people come to your party."
Other people were wandering into the kitchen. I noticed some snack food on the table, I grabbed a donut and ate it. Eating the donut helped me feel more immersed and solid in the dream somehow. I went back to questioning, though somewhere in here the person I was talking to changed.
me: "Look, it's a pretty big deal. This whole donut-eating in another dimension would be quite an important discovery if I could get it explained back on Earth. If you want people to come to your party, it would help if they knew Clarabell Island exists at all... no one on Earth can come here until we figure out how the worlds connect."
Some guys came toward me and looked a bit sinister, I didn't really trust them. They were offering to teach me a "karate move" but I felt like they were going to attack me. I created a barrier between them and myself, some kind of door they couldn't get through.
me: "Sorry, I try to keep my personal space, it's important."
guy: "If you don't do it, we'll turn your sound off."
me: "Ok, now you're saying something interesting. What do you mean? How would you 'turn my sound off'?"
He pointed at a region roughly in the center of my chest. I remained looking forward and didn't look down to see what he meant, because I still had my guard up.
guy: "If you were one of the little ones, you wouldn't have that."
I elected to try and maneuver out of there and entered a very black space. I tried to escalate that black space into an environment but I was too tired from the above exchange, so I woke up.
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