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Mannequins and Incinerators

Date: 8-Aug-2007/15:22+3:00

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Characters: me, them, friend, him

My body was laying separate from me--like a mannequin--on what seemed like the stage of a theater. It was hooked up to some kind of phone,and I was seated in a chair. There were a lot of people in the seats...except they were brightly colored and pixelated.
me: "Hello audience. What is your life like? Is there any step I can take so that we can talk longer?"
them: "If you pick your body up and throw it down the stairs into the incinerator, then you'll be able to stay."
I figured "what the heck" so I went and grabbed it. As I grabbed the body to move it, it triggered the phone to make a call. This made me realize that the phone had been set up as a monitoring device to test if anyone was moving it.
Ignoring that, I carried the body toward the incinerator. As I went to drop it down the stairs, a woman from the audience had come up behind me and was trying to push me down as well. She wasn't successful, and I tried pushing her...and though she didn't fall a cat came and started attacking her. I locked her and the cat in the stairwell.
A group of people approached me and I explained what had happened. I was keeping my hand on the door to keep her from coming out, hoping the cat would tear her to bits. But I gave up and decided I'd let the crowd deal with the whole thing. A friend of mine was in the group and I questioned him.
me: "How have you been? What do you know in real life about experiences like this?"
friend: "I've been to India."
A guy came running at me with a cup full of red pasty liquid, it was labeled "T1". It wasn't clear if he was trying to splash me with it or get me to drink it.
him: "It's wine!"
me: "I can tell it isn't."
I fought with him pretty successfully until he did that lower-body-tickle that always causes problems.
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