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Channel Satellite Radio

Date: 10-Aug-2007/7:00+3:00

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Characters: me, guy

I was in a room watching some TV station. It was a rather crappy show, and it said that next week they would be showing Homestar Runner instead. I was desperately trying to figure out what the carrier was.
me: "What frequency is this being broadcast on?"
guy: "Huh?"
me: "This show, how is it getting here? What kind of technology? Is this a television?"
guy: "I don't understand your question."
me: "The signal has to get here somehow, and I want to know how. Is it packet-based?"
guy: "It's 1099.E.E, dude."
Note I interpreted this as a video standard, akin to H.264
Next I was reading an article on something that looked like Wikipedia, except all the links were yellow.
Note A project which uses color coding as an indicator of trustworthiness in wiki articles has been developed at UCSC.
I believed the information I was looking at was related to inter-dimensional communication. It was describing a man who had "seen q", and invented something called Channel Satellite Radio. I tried to read the Channel Satellite Radio article, but somehow ended up at an article on Christmas trees instead.
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