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Sun and Oracle and Aliens

Date: 10-Aug-2006/18:41+3:00

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Characters: voice, human, me, alien

I was laying down inside some kind of small capsule-like room in a flying craft, looking out the window at a cityscape at what I intuited to be some part of the Bay Area. A voice was narrating to me about a software company based in one of the office buildings.
voice: "...and it all comes down to their influence as the 44th largest software company. One of the ways they got to be so influential was with partnerships they made with nearby firms Sun and Oracle. Their consultants would evangelize the partners' products whenever possible."
Note The company's name started with a letter 'R' but I don't otherwise remember it, it wasn't a name I'd heard before.
To accompany the presentation, buildings were switching into wire-frames, and the craft was making wild turns to show the sites being described. Thus the visuals were not made by flying any real helicopters along the path, yet I did feel like I was inside some kind of craft and could feel it moving.
voice: "There will be many difficulties and hardships ahead. Those of you joining us from Earth...I'm afraid the next 50 years are going to get really bad. There's going to be a lot of painful things happening, before the project is completed."
The demonstration was coming to an end, and got up off the bed by the window I'd been lounging on. I turned my attention to a door in the ceiling, and an unusual (but-not-too-unusual) humanoid alien creature reached a hand in toward me. Determined to play it cool, I took the hand and walked up the stairs into something that seemed like a train station.
Many other aliens were milling about, as well as some humans who seemed to know my name.
human: "I'm surprised to see you here!"
me: "Yes...well...I'm surprised to be here."
alien: "Would you like anything to eat?"
me: "Ummm...sure...is there anything that's open always, like a Denny's?"
They said there was, and we went outside. After getting into a car, there was a fairly radical departure in plot...and the aliens all disappeared or turned into normal looking humans.
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