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NASA Cosmic Intelligence Division

Date: 11-Aug-2006/14:07+3:00

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Characters: me, guy

I was reading through a document on a website which was ostensibly written by me. It was work that had been done under the auspices of the "NASA Cosmic Intelligence Division", and it was called "Fun Life".
It was difficult to understand, there was something about the importance of the number 3 and how one needed three symbols in order to create some kind of pattern. Halfway through the document it started getting some pretty wild diagrams, but there was a warning that said "Do not keep reading this until you feel you completely understand the above premises, because it won't make any sense."
Shortly after that I was being ganged up on by some guys who seemed to be attacking me.
me: "Back off! I know all about Fun Life, the Cosmic Intelligence Division, and why you need three symbols to create the pattern!"
They backed off. One of them addressed me in an irritated tone.
guy: "You know, it was you who had most of this information classified."
me: "Oh come on. This is that whole Total Recall movie problem. When you erase someone's memory you have to treat them as a different person, because they are. If I don't remember it, how can I be responsible for it?"
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