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French-Speaking Alter Egos

Date: 25-Jun-2006/13:02+3:00

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Characters: me, older friend, french ghost

I was in the back seat of a car with a female friend, and there were all kinds of objects crowding us. An older respected friend of mine was sitting in the front seat, yet he was sort of transparent. This cued me into knowing that I was dreaming.
me: (to female friend) "I'd like you to meet my friend...or his ghost? Anyway, he's a great guy."
His appearance reminded me of the ghosts in The Frighteners,
...which made me worry that my friend might be dead, as I haven't talked to him in a long time.
me: (to Peter) "You aren't dead, are you?"
older friend: "No, I am fine. I'm only here to represent an aspect of your personality."
I noticed that there was another girl split off from my female friend. She was also transparent--and older. Apparently this personality alter-ego was French. This reminded me of the TV series Herman's Head.
me: "What is the meaning of these splits into transparent people? What is it for? Is this like Herman's Head?"
french ghost: "Oh, geez, I've had way too much booze."
I stepped out of the car with older friend and into the parking lot, leaving the girls behind in the back seat.
me: "If you're an aspect of my personality, what part? Are you my responsible, logical part? Is the rest of me not logical?"
older friend: "You definitely have an inner conflict. On the one hand you want to be a consistent and moral person, who always stands up for what's right and fights against evil. Yet you don't want to be such a critical and demanding perfectionist that you find yourself all alone in the world. Really, you don't deserve to be alone."
As I looked at the nearby highway, I started noticing there were lots more transparent things--objects layered on top of other objects. The standard green-and-white freeway signs had superimposed directions on top of them that were different and holographic.
me: "I can see all this extra information on top of the world I'm looking at right now. But when I wake up I won't be able to see it. Do you know of any reproducible means for getting access to this in waking life? Maybe something parallel to an electron microscope that lets someone who is not having one of these dreams be able to see you and these ghostly signs?"
older friend: "Y'know, that sounds like a pretty good idea!"
me: (shocked) "OF COURSE IT'S A GOOD IDEA! And it must be easier to design such a thing from your point of view to reach the physical world, rather than vice versa."
Noticing that it wasn't going to be long before I woke up, I started probing for other kinds of information.
me: "Okay, do you have any concrete life advice? Psychic notice of upcoming events? Anything I need to get a heads-up on..."
Though I thought I woke up to write this down in the realityhandbook journal, I noticed someone had titled the journal "it hung up". There was also an announcement on my profile page about regretting having invited Seth (the Jane Roberts channeled entity) to speak at an event.
Note It wasn't clear if Seth "showed up" and did or said something inappropriate...or if he hadn't shown up and the apology was for the no-show.
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