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Interfering With Their Project

Date: 4-Jun-2006/12:55+3:00

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Characters: translator, me

I was reading up on a page about an acquaintance's history. It said he was responsible for a video best known on the internet as "The Howling Yoda". So I clicked on it, and saw a fairly involved but not terribly coherent animation.
Note This acquaintance is having a party later today, so it is interesting that I'd have this dream this morning. The internet has only one howling Yoda", and that's certainly not what I saw.
Next I was in an office sitting across the table from a man and second man was sitting next to me. They were dressed like engineers or architects and the room was very stark and white. I was trying to speak to the person across the table but it was clear he couldn't understand me, and the person sitting next to me was trying to translate. But it was an odd kind of translation, as if I were actually invisible.
translator: (to me) "He wants to know who you are."
I told them my name.
translator: "A ha!!"
He began attacking me from the my side. I was confused...and because the guy didn't seem evil, I contained the discomfort and did not fight back.
The attack eased up, and they spoke to each other for a second.
translator: (to me) "Look, we have nothing personal against you. Your work is respected as an electrical theorist, and you've got a great knowledge of computers. But this other thing you are doing...it...it is creating a tremendous amount of havoc for our project!"
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