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Arrows on the Ceiling, Arrows on the Floor

Date: 22-Sep-2008/10:54+3:00

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Characters: man in front, me

I was looking over several personal ad profiles with unusual names. They were all very short, like "ex9". One was a picture of a woman, and I drilled down into the profile and said it was a man. The explanation given was that he was a photographer, and hence the picture was of a model. Something about this was drawing my attention and I was experiencing a lot of "mental chatter."
There was a flurry of text, as hundreds of ads went by where people were buzzing about a "man-in-the-middle" attack explaining why messages weren't being delivered. This turned into a crazy bunch of debugging code. The things I was watching were some kind of virtual forensics, probing into conversations and history in the physical world. Arrows were popping up all over the place on top of footsteps and showing who went what way.
A group of people were on a video screen. I got the sense that they could tell when I moved my hands or could hear me somehow, but were having trouble doing so. They held up a lot of Rubik's Cubes. When I said "Yes." and waved my arms in response to them they got very excited.
man in front: "We love you!!!"
me: "Um, I love you too, or, uh... hey, who are you people?"
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