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The Tooth Fairy and Greens+ Bars

Date: 13-Jul-2007/16:17+3:00

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Characters: me, her, tooth fairy

I wound up in a warehouse area that had piles of packaged food and items, including Greens+ bars. There was a girl with me who was picking up items. I decided to eat one of the bars.
Looking on the box I noticed a white sticker that said simply "40".
me: "Do these things cost money, or is this a free-for-all?"
her: "They don't cost anything, as long as you keep it under 40. But be quiet about it being free, because the night farmers are out."
We started walking outside and the settings were very beautiful and movie-like. I wondered if it would be possible to capture an image of it and then transmit it to the waking world. Also, I became curious if such technologies were possible if they'd already been used somehow.
Suddenly a book popped into my field of view, with a message from "The Tooth Fairy". It seemed like she was some kind of Office Assistant.
tooth fairy: "Yes, indeed, they have made movies here and transmitted them to your world. But do you expect some sort of reward for crossing the boundary?"
me: "Reward?"
tooth fairy: "I had expectations of a reward when I first crossed the boundary at 23, but none came. My name is Erin."
Our conversation was interrupted and I was threatened by a large woman who seemed like some kind of archetypal evil Queen. She attacked me and I woke up.
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