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To Boldly Cut and Paste Where No One Has Cut and Pasted Before

Date: 13-Jul-2007/16:15+3:00

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Characters: me, someone, spock

I ran into some people who were were doing what looked like construction paper activities kids would make in Kindergarten. However, they were trying to exchange astronomy data and other things. I helped identify and sort the papers, one was an arrangement of the planets around the sun.
me: "These look right... Mercury, Venus, Earth... Earth is the planet I'm on. Then it's Mars and Jupiter is the big one. But wait, there are too many planets here."
someone: "This diagram includes Ganymede and moons."
Note I'm not very educated about names of moons, and while awake if you had asked me to name any, the only one I could have come up with was IO. So I was a bit surprised to look up and find that Ganymede was actually the name of a moon.
On another page were some Star Trek symbols of the starfleet logo and an outline of the enterprise.
someone: "Can you identify these symbols?"
me: "Those are from a fictional TV show called Star Trek."
I noticed someone who looked and dressed like Spock watering a plant, and I held the paper in front of him.
me: (sarcastically) "I don't suppose YOU remember these?"
spock: (blank look) "My memory has been erased."
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