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Extended Visit to the Ether

Date: 13-Jul-2007/8:31+3:00

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Characters: me, her, him, girl, couple

I thought I had woken up in my bed, but realized something was off when I was pulling large amounts of wet goo off my skin. I also had to spit a lot of odd stuff out of my mouth. When I got out of bed I walked toward the hallway and was having trouble moving.
One girl I know as an acquaintance was in a room using a computer, and rolled around casually in a chair.
me: "Why don't you have the problems I'm having just moving around here?"
her: "I'm extremely fast, and not slowed down by the Ether."
me: "Is there any way for you to communicate with the waking-life person who I know that looks like you?"
her: "No. And really, you should be focused not on this information quest but rather watching movies with your friends and let them all come to learn that there is such a thing as elvish happiness"
A guy I knew looked like a chipmunk and seemed uncomfortable. Wondering if he was unaware of how to solve the problem, I helped him get some large meatballs out of his mouth.
him: "Wow, thanks. I'd been studying and hadn't noticed those develop."
When the meatballs came out they liquefied on him, and I tried to clean them up. He stopped me.
him: "Don't you have an autobot to clean up for you?"
me: "Err... no."
He directed me to go across the room and pull the handle out of the bottom of a cart to deploy it. I was having a bit of trouble and was going to give up, but just about then I found the handle and pulled it. The robot emerged and transformed into a helicopter. It nimbly and precisely moved around the room; it seemed very dangerous to me but somehow it managed to not touch anybody and clean up the mess.
I walked into a kitchen-like area that had TVs, and saw some other people I've known from the past who seemed to ignore me. I was unsure of whether these had any connection with the real people I knew or if they were just projections.
me: (jokingly) "Jeez, it's like Herman's Head in here."
Note Herman's Head was a short-lived comedy in which the life of a character named Herman was interspersed with cut scenes to a room with actors who were supposed to represent various competing aspects of Herman's personality reacting to situations he was in.
I ran into a couple talking about someone who wasn't in the room. I understood them to be speaking about a person in the material world.
girl: "She's probably taking a bath right now."
me: "Ok. So how are you connected with this person?"
girl: "We're married. Every spirit is married with a body."
me: "So you're married to a body...but, you've got some kind of body here too. Who's YOUR spirit?"
girl: "There is another spirit above me, and a spirit above them..."
me: "Ok great. So what the heck am I? I mean, do I have a spirit, or am I the spirit? Because I don't remember this place too well...am I passed out on the floor 99% of the time? And why is it I seem to be the only one of us who can relay information back and forth? Is my spirit anything special or powerful or do I have badass friends?"
Suddenly a copy of a Dave Gahan album titled Overconfident appeared on the bed. No such album exists AFAIK.
couple: "He's your brother."
me: "You mean, spirit brother?"
couple: "Yes."
I tried to keep things moving, as my mobility was increasing a great deal. I could dance and levitate. Music started kicking in as I thought about it, and I riffed some random words to what the lyrics of "Overconfident" might be.
I created a bit of a scene by knocking over some bookshelves, but then I worked into the song that I was so confident that I could just look at the books and they'd be back on the shelf (and they did, perhaps an autobot that I didn't see fixed it...)
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