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Zero-Pole Magnets

Date: 12-Jul-2007/11:52+3:00

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Characters: me, her, woman, office worker

I was in some kind of store where I could purchase VR 3-D models that were animated. It let you look at and hold the models for a limited time (mine were of construction tractors) and then it would kick you out of the previewing room. My preview time was running out, and I was being pushed out of the room and began falling down toward the floor of something.
Rather than be afraid, I decided to do my best to land safely. I was on the ground floor of some kind of tall building, and I decided to yell out for help.
me: "Help! Take me to customer service."
To my surprise I started flying up into the air. The grayish columnar building I was in gave way to another building that looked more like a conventional set of apartments. As I approached walls and structures I just floated right through them, and I was deposited into an office. A few people were around, but I was at the desk of a particular woman.
me: "How is it that I can just go through these walls?"
her: "Because you're free right now. And I mean free as in...<u>not</u> free."
Note She was making some kind of joke that I didn't really understand, but that I interpreted to say that I was not a paying customer of her business, and thus I was a second-class citizen in terms of how I was treated and what I was allowed to do.
me: "What's happening? I'm from the year 2000. Where am I, what is this?"
woman: "Time isn't really...Look, you're in the same place you always are, which is the omniverse. And you're going through a neurofissure reconstruction right now."
Note I made up the word neurofissure here because I can't remember the one she said, but it sounded kind of like that. Dealt with brains.
me: "I don't know what that is. Can you explain? Actually, can you show me something I can take back and use as proof of having been here?"
An office worker passing by stopped and put in his two cents.
office worker: "What would you do with your day tomorrow if you had it?"
me: "I'd write it down. Go to a restaurant with a cute girl at some point. Be happier because the world would listen to me 'cause I'm provably not insane."
woman: "Cute girls aren't that interesting."
me: "Well I like them, but it's really just aesthetics. And that wasn't the point, I just meant to say that my needs are modest and I really am just looking for validation. I need you to show me something."
A video showing a magnet with a configuration of holes in it flashed before my eyes. It looked like a cube built out of several layers of material.
woman: "I can show you how to make a zero-pole-magnet. And NO, not the dumb way. Actually it's already been invented and the inventor isn't doing anything with it...you can look him up, his name is..."
She said some name here I forget.
me: "Names never work, can you show me how it's made?"
woman: "Really you should just look up the paper. Though you're only 25, so it's not surprising it's tough for me to understand."
Note I didn't correct her on my age. Only now do I notice that naming the year as 2000 might have thrown off an age estimate. Had it really been the year 2000, that would have been correct.
me: "I think I deserve some slack, considering that I am able to achieve basic dialogue while asleep."
I didn't get any more information before I rather suddenly woke up.
Note Apparently a torus is already a zero-pole magnet, but may be the "dumb way" since there's no strong field on the outside, thus it wouldn't stick to a refrigerator. I sparked this discussion on Usenet which seemed to suggest there's not a good way to build a strong magnet with no external poles.
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