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Skype With Map Routing Warnings

Date: 13-Jul-2007/16:22+3:00

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Characters: me

There was a long period of dreaming where I was working with using Skype, and there was a tremendous amount of network map data. I was attempting to make a call. However, it was warning me of all these territories of network space that my call would be routed through that were presently blocked.
Note There's a nice Visual Traceroute tool which can show you how your packets are traveling through the internet. If you see it route your data through a hostile Iraq, you might worry...!)
But unfazed by all the sketchy territories the tool was warning about, I kept pushing the "ok" button. It would pop up more warnings with more pictures of maps, so I couldn't get my call all the way through.
Eventually I noticed on another of my computer's screens that the mouse cursor had been taken over and someone was poking over the system at a superhuman rate. It was somewhat resemblant of how Frenzy (the small evil robot in Transformers) was hacking through data while on Air Force One.
Not feeling concerned that I had anything of value on that computer, I didn't stress out about it. But we were fighting over the mouse cursor...we both were controlling it. I sketched a motion of a letter "H" and then a letter "I", and the person seemed to get that I was friendly. He sort of stopped controlling the system a little bit and opened a notepad window for me to type in.
me: (typed) "High hackr."
We had a dialogue that I don't really remember, though I recall he expressed puzzlement about what kind of crappy animation package was used to make the Microsoft Office assistant paperclip. He thought I might know for some reason.
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