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(A)pple (D)og (A)pple (M)ountain

Date: 19-Jul-2007/11:40+3:00

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Characters: him, me, man

I was talking with someone about my experiences, and that I was dreaming.
him: "You have 23 minutes left, and thus should make what observations you need before the time is up."
me: "If I actually have 23 minutes, that's an unusually long time to stay lucid. So there's no hurry."
Unfortunately, about 20 seconds later that scene ended, so maybe he intended to say 23 seconds.
Note The idea that the beings I'm speaking to would have some concept of how long I would be able to speak to them before I woke up is an interesting question. But in the dream Eating Timem it was suggested there is a "device".)
Next I was having trouble writing my name down for someone. The letters kept deteriorating. I started trying to communicate using syllables, and some varying ways of communicating letters. If you were trying to say your name was Adam, and you found it was easier to communicate concepts than letters...you might go by "Apple"..."Dog"..."Apple"..."Mountain", for instance. This seemed to work better and they reflected back that they understood my name.
I asked them about our experience exchanging writing and they said it was a mess trying to read it. Yet it was not as impossible as I might think from seeing the letters evaporate. This led to a meeting with people in a conference room, and one of the people at the table was getting very excited.
man: "What we have here is nearly a breakthrough by which all conscious beings of the universe will be able to communicate with each other, and our societies will see a quantum leap in the ability to solve problems by sharing experience."
I was caught up in the enthusiasm a little. Upon waking I would like to express my skepticism that communication breakthroughs yield truly practical improvements on quality of life. The Internet being an example of something that hasn't resulted in any kind of Utopia.
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