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Eating Time

Date: 23-Apr-2008/16:30+3:00

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Characters: her, me

I had an interesting exchange with a blonde girl who was very enthusiastic to find me (after a stretch of pretty gross non-lucid dreams involving these slug and snail like things that were reproducing and growing out of control in a house).
She was taking me to see some doctors. As I tried to put on some shoes to leave wherever we were, I warned her that I was probably not going to make it because I'd wake up soon.
her: "Yep, I've got a device that reads that out, and no you don't have much time. But don't worry too much. These doctors may not be the best conversationalists you've ever met, but they can bring you back from the dead."
Note I had the impression that these 'doctors' were some kind of machines, hence they didn't talk.
me: "Well I don't know how that applies here."
her: "It turns out that when you die, you're actually... only... mostly dead."
me: "Which is still partly alive?"
her: (laughing) "Exactly."
Note Our conversation seemed to be understood as alluding to a scene from The Princess Bride.
me: "I suppose it figures that on the good side of me having a sense of humor, it might endear me to those who'd bother to figure out how to resurrect me after I die. But they might be more interested in making jokes than giving me straight answers."
her: "Price you pay. Okay then, straight answer time: I need to know what date you think it is."
I did some rough calculations based off of when my birthday was and some things I remembered. I was one day off, and had a mixup of which days of the week were which numbers, but I did manage to nail April 2008 and I gave enough other information that should have worked.
her: "All right, that's good enough I think. But you need to do something about having a watch at the top of your mattress."
me: "What does that have to do with anything? I have an alarm clock. And a laptop at the foot of the bed, that has a clock in it."
her: "You need a watch close to your head."
me: "Come on. Why does how close it is to your head matter at all?"
her: "It affects your mind..."
She made wavy gestures with her hand around her head to indicate mesmerization.
me: "I still don't understand. Can it be the kind wound by a spring? Powered by a battery and quartz crystal? Powered by wrist motion? How can all of these have a common element other than the general perception of time you can get by looking at a clock across the room?"
her: "All up to you, you're the one swallowing it!"
me: "I am not going to eat a watch!"
her: "That's a joke, joke ok! Do NOT eat a watch. But seriously, have one close to your head."
I woke up.
Note Probably not going to do this. I try to generally not act out suggestions made by dream characters that involve purchases or rituals that might make me look crazy(-ier).
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