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Let God be Your Preservative

Date: 26-May-2008/13:07+3:00

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Characters: shark, me

I was in a room with several odd shaped things. They morphed a lot. I asked them questions and they were giving answers for a fair amount of time. One thing looked like a giant plush blue shark, but a friendly one.
shark: "You are just so very good. We are trying to work out what is best for you."
me: "Thank you, I try to be. I need to know what's going on though. I need to know, y'know, is there a God behind it all? Can I have faith in improvement or is this just going to be more nonsense ad nauseum?"
shark: "We think of God more as...well, more like a 'preservative'...so that is the model we use when creating architecture."
Note When I woke up, I thought of the joke "Q: What do God and Disodium EDTA have in common? A: If you look hard enough, you'll find them in a bottle of salad dressing." Which I think is pretty funny.
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