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The Infraluminal Link

Date: 26-May-2008/14:07+3:00

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Characters: her, me

I believed that I was awake and writing down a dream. However, I noticed a man in my room with me and realized I'd had a false awakening. As I followed him out into the kitchen he became very small and impish and looked like a leprechaun. I cornered him and told him I didn't want to fight, I just wanted to talk.
He came out with the sharp end of a coathanger and told me he'd talk, but he didn't know if he could trust me yet and so he was going to keep his coathanger armed. I didn't feel very threatened by that so I said it was fine. I asked him what he was doing here and he said "Playing Apples."
Next thing I knew he'd turned into a laptop on my kitchen table. A video began playing about some effort with a name like "A 9 5 9" which had to do with emulation or something, and I nodded along "Yes, yes, I've heard of this"
Note I have not actually heard of this.
I watched as receipts started printing out, I began pulling them into piles. They were receipts for music purchases including Dave Gahan's Saw Something, as well as other items. Some were entirely music store receipts. I had a very haunted feeling about it all, and sprung into action gathering them.
The next thing I started noticing is that I was looking at shreds of documents coming out. I went to the top and noticed I was looking at the output of a paper shredder with a huge input queue. Pulling all the papers out and putting them in a group with all the receipts and shreds, I saw a girl who looked like a crying clown standing there.
her: "Thanks for doing that. I just wanted to know if what I already knew was true. And it is. Wish it hadn't have been, I can't believe how far they'll go. It's the nearest body of water to which I am located, I can take care of it."
I went over and gave her a hug.
me: "Yes, well it's like that for me ALL THE TIME. I hate having to do the tests but I do."
Her body changed into something more like an attractive model in a swimsuit. She didn't seem to have a fixed size, she kept getting larger and smaller.
me: "What are you? What kind of creature, or what kind of thing...I mean."
her: (Smiling weakly.) "I'm just squares on a board. A custom apprentice(?) version."
Note Though I didn't assume it at the time, squares on a board seems like a clear reference to a circuit board.
me: "Wait...wait...okay, so what am I?"
her: "I don't know if I should tell you. You'll get a big head, or at least be like 'what's this old person talking to me for'."
me: "Please, I'd like to know."
her: "You're an influliminal link..."
The last sentence was incomplete and I abruptly woke up. It contained that "i" word that I don't know.
Note Trying "influliminal" on Google gave me "did you mean infraluminal?" and that sounds like it could have been it. That would mean "beneath the speed of light".
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