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Floating Lips in the Mirror

Date: 25-Apr-2010/11:27+3:00

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Characters: alien, man, lips, me

I was watching in the third person a scenario where an alien wanted to do something nice for the people in a city. So he had frozen time, and gone through and resurfaced all the roads, and then unfroze time. But when he did unfreeze time, it rained...and what he didn't know was that the material they used to make roads took time to "set" and had to be done during a dry season. So the roads became completely washed away and worse than before.
alien: "Oops. Sorry about that."
man: "Well, just think of it as a lesson. Remember it when you next try and freeze time to fix everything in the entire city in one go."
There was a transition to where I was laying on a bed with bright white sheets in a bright white room. There was a round mirror which had a radius of about a foot, which had a thin white plastic edge on it. This mirror was hovering over the bed, and I could see a pair of lips in it. They spoke in a woman's voice.
lips: "I am so excited for what is about to happen. The process which is making you now is all about making us for each other. I'm your counterpart, and very soon it will be time for us to meet."
me: "Who are you?"
lips: "I am you."
me: (grumpily) "At the moment I'm speaking to a pair of lips in a floating mirror. I hate to bring this up, but if 'you' are actually 'me' then talking into mirrors is going to be the limit of our interactions."
lips: "No!! Watch."
Whatever was suspending the mirror in midair ceased to hold it there, and it fell onto the bed at my feet. A girl in white lingerie appeared on the left side of the bed and began climbing up, and at that exact moment...
...my radio alarm went off playing Madonna's "Get Into the Groove".
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