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Amazing Feats of the Mind People

Date: 15-Feb-2008/11:39+3:00

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Characters: me, black man, her

I was going down a street in my car when suddenly the car disappeared. Instead of a steering wheel, I was suddenlyholding some kind of bizarre cane that looked like a telescopic antenna with a plastic knob for a handle that had a screen on it. The screen was saying something about an automatic shutdown due to the detection of drugs.
me: (to girls nearby) "What is this device? What's it for? What drugs is it talking about?"
They didn't answer that, but they introduced themselves. One girl was named Charlie and the other was Jennifer Mc[something]. I followed them through a college-campus-like area, but just as I was beginning to truly realize it was a dream the scene changed. Suddenly I was on the floor of a room where a black man was standing next to a fireplace
me: "Argh, still not awake. Who are you? Where are we?"
black man: "You don't need to worry."
me: "What's going to come of all this? Is anyone watching out for me?"
black man: "You'll be taken care of. Ever since you took your first steps, we have known."
me: "Known what?"
Note I wondered if 'first steps' pertained to walking or if it had a more general meaning of 'first phases'.
I transitioned from being there into being in a kitchen in an ultramodern house. I somehow knew how to open a virtual door which made a portal to a pool patio at night. People were walking around but one girl in particular came toward me.
her: "REMEMBER: You're not actually here!"
Note I didn't know whether she meant for me to remember that I was asleep in a bed somewhere, or if the opening of the door out to the pool was some sort of illusion and I needed to remember I was actually in the kitchen. It also could have been some bigger nihilistic Zen statement.
her: "We are not people of the flesh, we are 'mind people'... everything is possible here, except there can be no food."
me: "How would it be the case that in a world of pure mentalism, where anything is possible, you can't have something as simple as food?"
her: "It has to do with the percentages of water vapor."
Note the phrase 'mind people' first appeared last August in What do you Mean "We", Green Man?
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