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Listen to X and everything will be fine...

Date: 17-Feb-2008/15:20+3:00

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Characters: candidate, me, her

I was looking at a web page called "whatitis.com" which had several video clips. One was a debate between Republican candidates for office. The candidate speaking was very loud.
candidate: "You want to get the government involved in regulating the energy market and gas prices?! Come on, if you think regulation will help that you're delusional!!"
Each video had a label, and the label for this video started out saying "Republican debate is okay". Then it would update to "Republican debate is [okay, hostile, silly]." I came to realize that these labels were the result of analyzing what people were saying about the video on other websites.
There was a search box, and because I was using an Apple keyboard I tried to type in "Apple". My typing was terrible. Believing that I could talk in my sleep to the waking world, I tried to explain this to someone who I thought was in bed with me.
me: "Why is it that I can type on the screen and have my typographic errors be persistent? Where is this computer? Where is this screen?"
her: "This is what we should have been doing a long time ago, drawing lines and tagging, looking for humans."
me: "Uh, why didn't we do it before?"
her: "Well, you know, you said you had these floors and they got dirty... you couldn't walk around in your bare feet, it didn't sound comfortable."
me: "Can you give me any advice?"
her: "What are you so worried about?"
me: "The implications of my bad dreams. Evil aliens. People not believing me."
her: "Just listen to X and everything will be fine."
me: "Where's X?"
her: (laugh) "Where else would she be???!"
Note X is a radio frequency, but it's also a punk band. I don't have imminent plans to listen to either...
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