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Property in Rainier

Date: 28-Aug-2006/13:10+3:00

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Characters: neighbor, me

I was in a small house, which was symmetrical and had a stairway up the left side. The stairway went up to a bedroom loft, while the downstairs had the common areas. It was fairly new and deserted. For lucid exploration, I decided to go outside for a walk.
Outside, I didn't see any other people...just more of these houses. It was a mountainous and forested area, and I could smell marijuana smoke coming from somewhere. Somehow I could visualize my location on Google Earth, as if I had a computer screen in my head. When I searched for well-known landmarks and cities, too many areas were indicated...especially in a chain of islands.
The Google Earth model materialized in my hands, and I shrunk it down to the size of a basketball. It started out not bouncing very well, so I tried to put enough thought into it that it would.
Fearing I was going to wake up soon, I used a bizarre sense of intuition to make my way back into the same house I'd walked out of. Though it seemed the same, I noticed a new stairway up the right half of the house, leading to another bedroom loft. I found my real-life neighbor at the top.
neighbor: "How long have you been able to stay lucid? It seems like you're doing it for an amazing amount of time."
me: "Yes, it's been pretty good."
neighbor: "What all have you done?"
me: "I saw myself on a map on Google Earth. Do you have a computer here so we can both look at the map?"
neighbor: "No, that's not something we can both look at here."
me: "Oh. Well, the queries were working very quickly...I'd search for locations and the whole globe would light up."
A former co-worker of mine was also there, but he didn't seem to understand what I was talking about. I decided to shift my line of questioning to the house.
me: "Whose house is this, anyway?"
neighbor: "It belongs to me. It's where I lived in my previous life."
me: "Really? It's very empty...and from my point of view you live across the hall and spend most of your time there. Who is usually in this house?"
neighbor: "I don't rent it out because I don't need to. All the property here in 'Rainier' is pretty cheap. Would you like some clothes to change into?"
me: "Thanks for offering, but I'm going to wake up soon and I want to use my time to explore a little more."
Walking outside again I noticed that behind the houses was a cliff from which there was a great view of the mountains. There were many RVs parked along the cliff.
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