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Psychokinetic Potential of 1 in 15

Date: 27-Aug-2006/14:41+3:00

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Characters: man, me, shoulder guy, guide, pretty girl

A man had sent me to fetch a book for him from another room. When I went to look, I saw several books...so I grabbed the two which seemed most likely to be the ones he wanted. One of them had a pencil inside of it, and the comment "I only write in this book, I do not intend to read it--it is not a hard drive!"
By the time I delivered the two books to the man, they had morphed into cassette tapes, and then empty cassette tape cases.
man: (surprised) "Oh. I only sent for one."
me: "Sorry about that. But can you tell me how this was a book, and then a cassette tape, and now an EMPTY cassette tape case? All the metaphors are media-related...it said something about a hard drive when I read the book."
Another guy was standing very near me, he had his arm on my shoulder. There was a girl standing in the group looking at me, too.
me: "I'm afraid that my focus is destabilizing, and I'm going to wake up any second now."
shoulder guy: "We'll just leave you here with her then. You'll prefer that."
They left the room and the girl approached me, we became sexually involved. Although things were freakishly unstable I didn't let it bug me. She had stabilized into an acquaintance of mine.
Note This incident was disorienting, because I realized that I couldn't actually remember if that acquaintance and I had ever been romantically involved in waking life. We haven't, and I'd consider it unlikely FWIW.
Leaving her, I started wandering in a spacious room that was covered in junk. There were notes on objects that people had scribbled in various languages. There were some toy giraffes on a table, and a note that said "all right, Dr. Doolittle, here you are." A man came up to me and offered to be my guide.
guide: "You should follow me."
me: "All right."
guide: "Y'know, it's very difficult dealing with all the new people who come in."
I followed him through hallways and corridors, and we walked by a confused-looking couple. He pointed them out.
guide: "Take those two, for instance. They're Christians, and are in quite a bit of a shock, because there's such a high population here of the types who they would think of as deviants. Though this isn't intrinsically incompatible with Christian theology--it's not the 'next level' they were expecting. We'll work with it. But speaking of which, have you met the folks from San Francisco?"
me: "Uh, no..."
He guided me through various hallways that were full of people, and occasionally they would wave. One pretty girl seemed to take notice that I was looking at her.
pretty girl: (beaming) "Hi there!"
I smiled back but tried to keep pace with the guide. He stopped at a closet and gathered some items, it said "J.K. Rowling" on the door.
me: "Wait, that name...that's the author who wrote the Harry Potter series?"
guide: "That's correct."
me: "I've not read any of the books but they are popular where I am from. The author is depicted as an English woman. Why are you taking things out of her closet? Do you feel this identity is yours, hers, stolen, shared?"
guide: (shrugging) "You should re-evaluate the question of if there's any such thing as truth or not. I'd argue that truth is more about knowing what makes a 'good' lie, and what makes a 'bad' one."
He took me to a gymnasium-type room where a young band was performing synthesizer music in the corner. Though the music was good I didn't particularly want to listen, and went back to trying to seek conversation. The guide was at the door talking to someone else, but he picked back up with me and started walking again.
guide: "Your psychokinetic potential is unusually high."
me: "How many people have it?"
guide: "The potential? Where you're from? Oh...about 1 in 15 I guess. Either way, we check in with people at around age 60 to see what's going wrong with them, and push them along somehow. There's only so long anyone should be forced to pay for a crime."
Note I didn't quite follow this, but speculated that this tied into a benevolent organization that would seek to liberate active mind/souls from decaying bodies.
I would periodically lose my guide in the crowd, and I realized that I needed to track better. Eventually I got lost and ended up physically adhered to some kind of vending counter.
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