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Possibly Rewriting the Rulebook

Date: 14-Jan-2009/13:38+3:00

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Characters: me, person

I was walking around a large hotel, wearing nothing but a towel. People didn't seem to notice, but I worried that it was going to be a problem. At some point I realized I was dreaming and just stopped being concerned, and some clothes materialized.
Someone who looked like a woman I know appeared, and I gave her a hug.
me: "Haven't seen you in a while! Hope you're ok."
person: (sighing) "Who is it that you think I am?"
As I said she looked like this person I knew, her face started twisting into odd shapes--eventually becoming a man.
person: "Well, that's not who I am."
me: "But then there's the question of if that's not who you are, then... well, who are you? I mean, can you tell me something about your life... what do you do?"
person: "I'm involved in maintaining regulations. For a while now we have been working on some of the things you suggested. We're not going to let you rewrite the rules entirely, but perhaps it will be enough to give a little of the 'proof' you are asking for. It's been difficult--you're a special case, especially since you didn't..."
He trailed off while describing something I can't remember.
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