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Realityhandbook vs. Predator

Date: 29-Oct-2008/15:00+3:00

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Characters: booth guy, me, white robe man, healer, voice, predator, man

I was in some kind of restaurant, and had just seen a man walk by who people seemed to know. I stopped to talk to a guy at a table in a booth by a window.
booth guy: "Ah, well that man you just saw...his shadow is VH1 and MTV. His name is Embryo. That's an odd name, here's a story about why he got it..."
me: "Okay, please, enough on that topic. I want to know how this world is linked, what are the physics by which my body can be here?"
The guy ignored me and kept rambling about the history of the guy's name. A waitress or someone who looked like a grotesque alien came up behind me and pierced my shoulder. I somehow managed to turn this around and last pretty well. This turned into more combat with someone who tried to sprinkle a powder on me...which did hurt, but I was able to hold out quite well. I was kind of pleased with my ability to fight, and the things attacking me were visibly upset at the difficulty.
The scene changed to where a military leader of some kind was discussing the location of troops, that they were trying to put together a giant army but had been split up. They were just discovering that the other half was not dead but hidden--so they were going to sort it out and regroup to go on the attack.
I was just walking past this discussion and I noticed there was a large Greek-looking man in white robes who recognized me, and called me by name. I waved cordially and kept going, but he stopped me.
white robe man: "Hey, you're certainly going to need some healing while you are here."
me: "Oh that would be great!"
He directed me toward a guy who looked somewhat Indian. I followed him into a small room. There was a table with four chairs around it, and one chair was kind of odd because it looked like it was made out of plastic bones.
me: "Do I sit on the bony chair?"
healer: "No... no you lay on this."
He folded out some kind of table from the wall, I laid on it but my point of view shifted to where I was floating and could see the room. The body laying on the table looked Indian as well.
healer: "This is an absolutely metal-free procedure. The basis is [something I forget], then PHP for the conduit, and then of course you are the manifest. Yet the problem is communication during the treatment."
My body started tingling, especially in the hands and shoulders. I began floating through all kinds of places, right through walls...with a limited ability to steer. I had sort of odd mental conversations which I couldn't tell if they were just me thinking or someone talking to me as I asked questions like "how is it I can float through walls". They were not quite going through a verbal layer.
At one point I heard music that reminded me of some song (Billy Joel?) and I sort of goofily sang along with it. A voice did get in my head:
voice: (laughing) "Really, you need to put yourself on YouTube...we'd love it."
Somehow this flashed and I found myself on a fluffy bed. A large ring--too big for my finger--was on the bed. I decided to get in and lay down. Next to the bed were several items, including a bowl that contained what looked like the head of the alien from Predator (except it was white).
me: "Thank you high priest!"
predator: "For future reference...if you get attacked, here's what you need to do."
The head expanded into a full image on the wall behind it of a man, who acted out as he was talking.
man: "If...ok, wait...if and only if you are shot with a bullet, the first thing you need to do is Carrell fully. Just take that bullet and shake your body as if it felt good and energizing. And remember that part where you were sort of winding and fighting your attacker?"
me: "Yes."
man: "That was good, but...you needed to tend to the location of the attack first. Make your first impulse to go to the location of the attack with your hand. Fight after that."
Note I thought it was a little weird that he would be talking about Steve Carell, but looking through similar words the only close one 'carol' can be defined as "To celebrate in or as if in song: caroling the victory." Livejournal user "randomlife" pointed me to the existence of Alexis Carrel, who was a Nobel-prize winning physiologist who put forth the theory that cells were immortal...he has been buried in history because of his eugenics beliefs.
me: "I appreciate the advice! I'll try it another time, I'm about to wake up..."
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