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Channeling the Sunshine

Date: 3-Mar-2008/1:47+3:00

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Characters: me, text

Had an early evening dream, after coffee and a long drive. Was staring at something that looked like a music video, but I couldn't hear any of the music. I issued vocal commands to it, along the lines of "show me something!" Nothing happened.
Since there was a screen in front of me, I started making motions at typing, and words showed up on the screen when I did:
me: "Hey, show me something!"
text: "I am being very slow and going one sentence at a time, and waiting to see that you have typed something before continuing. It would not be very interesting to you to see a million lines fly by at once."
me: "I am sorry for the typos. I am much better at this in the waking state. Is there any way you can contact me while awake?"
We were both typing on the same screen and somewhat interfering with each other. The other typist loaded a text-based email program, where we could compose messages.
It strongly resembled PINE:
...with labeled function keys at the bottom of the screen.
I tried to indicate my email address... but my typing began to atrophy, and I realized I was giving them old addresses that probably no longer work. They took control and paged through a bit of stuff that was writing about "Sunshine's Blog". The page seemed to have a long tagline.
Note Survey the many hits for "Sunshine's Blog" on Google, some of them have a new age or religious slant. But I guess that's par for the course of people who'd give their blog such a name.
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