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Date: 3-Mar-2008/7:48+3:00

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Characters: her, me, him

I had somehow picked up (literally) a girl from a hot tub and was carrying her up some stairs:
her: "Could we fornicate? But this time I would like to not have to be very participatory like usual, I would like to just lay there."
I realized how totally bizarre and dreamlikethings are at this point. I think the use of the term fornicate was actually my cue that something was totally weird, because it's not a word I hear often. From there I noticed that in particular, I was carrying her as if she were a small doll.
me: "Hey, uh, wait. I am going to try and maintain coherence here. Can you try to do so as well?"
her: "Yes."
me: "How am I doing this? How is it that most of my life is not like this, but then I come here in a dream and it is different?"
her: "You are an Amaah?ddru?i"
me: "A what?"
her: "AM-A-DUCCI"
me: "What does that mean?"
her: "Something that hijacks art to collect it in your mind."
Note I don't recall the word she used here as actually being "hijack", but it was something unusual that had associations with theft.
me: "What is the mechanism by which this collecting works?"
her: "It is just an instinct, the process is automatic."
me: "Ok, another question."
her: "I am losing coherence..."
She vanished and all I held in my hand was a crumpled piece of plastic at that point.
Note Looking up Amaducci briefly, it's a name, whose only potential association to spirit/mind is the Luigi Amaducci Memorial Award for brain scientists.
Later, I was conversing with someone about Pink Floyd, trying to show it to him on a website called sfs-music.com, which was similar Last.FM or Pandora:
him: "Does Pink Floyd's music have drums in it?"
me: "Yes, it was a band...there's bass, guitar, drums, and singing."
him: "Then I probably wouldn't like it. I prefer to hear music as one person playing to their own personal god."
We hailed a cab and the pages of an illustrated comic book were plastered on the walls of the buildings as we drove by. The book was an attempt to illustrate someone's dreams very true to how they were experiencing it, and to also explain the symbols in it.
When I got out of the cab I found a book on the ground whose title was "Symbols/slobmyS" and it was the same book printed forward and backward--which version you read depended on which end of the book you opened from.
Note It might have been in another language entirely for the backwards version, but I registered it as just the same text in reverse.
While down to the ground to pick up the book, I felt a pinch and I was bitten by an ant. I noted that the ant had burrowed under my skin and I could see it crawling around in the palm of my hand. Rather than panic, I spoke tried some hocus pocus energy summoning nonsense to try and "heal my astral body". It had no effect.
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