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My bag is very high on the vacuum.

Date: 2-Mar-2008/8:42+3:00

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Characters: me, face

I was riding in the back seat of a car when I realized I was dreaming. The passenger side was occupied by a statue-like woman with a mask that looked like something out of Phantom of the Opera. I asked her about contacting someone and what they were doing... conversation went roughly like this:
me: "What is she doing?"
face: "She is doing what she wants."
me: "What am I doing?"
face: "You've moved on, you are ready for this battle to end."
Over the course of our conversation her head was falling apart in various ways but I did my best to ignore this.
me: "Well, what is important to you?"
face: "I am about art."
me: "I suppose that's true of me as well."
At this point the face was completely decomposed in a disturbing way, but I stared straight into it.
me: "Do you know what you look like to me, now, while I am looking at you?"
face: "No. I have lost touch."
Note Something about the delivery and context of "I have lost touch" gave me chills.
me: "What do I look like to you?"
face: "My bag is very high on the vacuum."
me: "It sounds like you said 'my bag is very high on the vacuum'... what does that mean?"
At this point the face turned into a translucent mask and started floating away. I narrated the fact that I saw it getting higher and attempted to see if it could come back to the sound of my voice, but it didn't--and I woke up.
Note Though the bag/vacuum comment seems like a pretty big non-sequitur, it could have been an attempt to say something like "the perspective of my body is in a higher ethereal dimension".
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