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Jesus Gave Me My Own TV Station

Date: 19-Oct-2009/8:01+3:00

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Characters: me, led board, nathanye, teacher

I had the feeling I was laying on my back under sheets when it was light outside, but I knew it was still dark in my room where I was sleeping. What I was doing is I was holding the bed sheet up over my head and somehow I was thinking questions, and both the questions and some answers to them would appear on the sheet as if it were a scrolling LED board.
At first, the LED board would scroll what I thought backwards at me.
me: "What is this message?"
led board: (written) "egassem siht si tahW"
The letter A it used surprised me because it did not look normal. It was more like a Uncial a.
me: "Why would you use that form of the letter A?"
led board: (written) "It is the way the letter appears in magazines."
me: "What magazines do you read?"
led board: (written) "I don't read them, it's just where I got the letter."
me: "What is your name?"
At this point my field of view turned into a somewhat jittery green console screen of text. Words began to fly by at a much faster rate. Answers like "ELMER" and "WEST" came up.
me: "Hey, wait! Slow down!"
Rather than slow down the field of view turned into where I was in a large auditorium where people could type questions at me and I would answer them. There was some sort of teacher on the stage who was moderating this. A girl introduced herself to me and it was somewhere halfway between her talking and typing.
nathanye: (the girl) "My name is like a name you know NATHAN, except it has an E on the end so it is pronounced 'Nathanye'"
me: "Okay. Hello Nathanye."
teacher: "Scientists and academics are running probes against you almost every day now, it is bearing incredible amounts of information, you are of great significance."
me: "That's good to know..."
Some other people introduced themselves, but the auditorium was very full. I got distracted by a couple of LED marquee boards in the room.
me: (pointing) "Earlier, before I showed up here, I had the impression I was reading one of these boards. At one point it was backwards. There was an issue with it using an odd capital A."
teacher: "What? Oh. I see what you mean there. Okay... we got it."
me: "If I may turn the discussion away from introductions, I'd like to ask something metaphysical. You talk about running probes and I am curious as to if you really understand what is going on enough to know how our connection works. Who is to say that a third party isn't running something to connect us? Can you really tell?"
teacher: "You raise a correct point, the universe has no inside or outside. But when gathering data you only know what the reading is on the instrument. This is how we work."
As I awoke, I was looking at a fairly cleanly designed webpage that had many ads on it, but I got the sense that the ads had been laid out in a purposeful way. Areas of the page which had certain color borders had been coordinated with the animated ad.
One ad had a picture of about 12 people or so, almost like you were looking at faces in a jury box. The caption said something to the effect of "Not all Humans are what they seem" and you could see that one of the people in the box had a mask on over some other kind of robot or alien or form underneath. Another ad would blink through pieces of text that said something like:
He taught me how to program...
Then He gave me my own TV station...
With these as his tools, master Jesus is raising my spirit.
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