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The B2 Sticker Hotel

Date: 19-Oct-2009/8:38+3:00

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Characters: me, asian girl, guy one, guy two

I was speaking to a girl who had slipped into bed with me and seemed to be passing this off as normal, because she had changed a flight. Surveying the room, I noticed it seemed more like a hotel--there was a coffee pot.
me: (angrily) "I don't have a coffee pot in my bedroom. Don't lie to me."
Trying to force myself awake, I found that couldn't. Instead I was in a hotel room and instead of one bed there was now two. An Asian girl was sitting on the other bed, and spoke to me from it.
asian girl: "Are you ready to meet the boss?"
me: "Who is the boss?"
asian girl: (wryly) "The bitch."
me: "Okay then, who is 'the bitch'."
asian girl: (pausing) "The gambler."
I wasn't quite sure how to take this. She came over to my bed and tried to get close to me, she was wearing a very minimal bikini and there was a form stretching out from the inside of her... like she had some kind of demon baby, but it wasn't attacking me.
me: "Are you pregnant or is that some kind of... uh... special effect?"
asian girl: "There are some children in my life."
Note When she said this and looked at me, it seemed that there was a double meaning related to me--that either I was one of these 'children' she perceived she had or that we had children together. I didn't ask for elaboration.
We left the room into a generic greenish hotel hallway.
I noticed I didn't have any pants on. So I did some mental conjuring and tried to evoke the feeling of wearing some outfits of mine. The attempt came out somewhat comical and I was wearing a clownish combination of dress items.
asian girl: (amused) "We could have given you some duct tape if you wanted to make your own clothes."
me: "This will do."
The hotel we were in looked very homogenous but it seemed to have various cracks in points of the detailing.
me: (unhappily) "Damn it, this is all pre-upload!"
asian girl: (unspoken) "Ssh, we know, we know."
We got into an elevator where some guys started mocking us.
guy one: "Hey look, it's the gays!"
guy two: (pointing to the Asian girl) "No, you can tell he's not. But she is."
The other guys jeered, and she stood there looking angrily at them.
me: "I don't know who you douchebags are, but will you shut the HELL UP?!"
guy one: (confused) "Douche... bag?"
me: "Yes. DOUCHEBAG. As in: you are a douchebag. You like mocking people so there's a new one for your wicked arsenal. It's not much better as an insult than 'gay', but at least you're not making fun of people for lifestyle choices. Now shut up while you try and figure out what a douchebag even is."
They got quiet and we got off the elevator.
me: "So, uh, I'm going to wake up here pretty soon. Where are we going in this crazy hotel?"
asian girl: "To a room where a balrog will give you a piece of paper."
me: "Does this have any useful effect if I wake up before it is complete?"
asian girl: "We just have to get your name."
We walked up to a hotel room door. Posted on the door was not an official-looking room number, but rather what appeared to be an adhesive sticker which said "B2". They walked into the room somewhat automatically, but I stood back and peeled the sticker off the wall.
me: "Mmph. This B2 was stuck on top of something... it's... well what's underneath is a page number. page 32, section A, paragraph 3."
Note It wasn't that but it was a page citation something like that.
The room was empty. As I held the stickers I realized they were something of a stack, which I handed to the girl.
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